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Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund


The Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund ("TMBF") creates and administers various types of loan programs for the benefit of cities and counties. As an entity of the Tennessee Municipal League, TMBF works closely with city officials to structure cost-effective and flexible borrowing options. Any governmental purpose project qualifies for financing through the TMBF programs. The loan size and/or repayment term typically determines which program a borrower utilizes. Types of projects include but are not limited to schools, roads, utilities, public buildings, jails, equipment, and any other project considered to be of benefit to the public. Project funds are available for any size government.

Contact information:
226 Capitol Blvd, Suite 502
Nashville, Tenn  37219
Phone: 615-255-1561
Fax: 615-255-7428


Created in 1985, TMBF, began making loans in 1986. Since inception, programs administered by TMBF have resulted in total borrowings by local governments in Tennessee in excess of $3.1 billion. Many borrowers have multiple loans through one or more programs. Loan sizes range from $21,000 to $103 million. More than 160 local governments have utilized the services of TMBF resulting in tremendous cost savings for these borrowers. The interest rate on the popular variable rate pooled loan program has averaged under 3% since 1986.


TMBF is governed by a Board of Directors and staff that is ready to serve you.

Bob Kirk

Tom Rowland
Vice Chairman, Member of Executive Committee

Ken Wilber
Mayor of Portland

Dale Kelley
Mayor of Huntingdon

Kay Senter

Margaret Mahery
Ex - Officio Member

Charles "Bones" Seivers
President - CEO TMBF

Wade Morrell
Executive Vice President - CFO

Linda Mooningham
Director, Marketing Legal Coordinator

Charles W. Bone
Bond and Tax Counsel

Steve Walker
Marketing Representative

Tommy Green
Marketing Representative

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