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2013 TML Annual Conference Review

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2013 TML Annual Conference

Municipal Communication Mishaps

Speaker: Jim Rooney

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What would you say if you could reduce relationship tension with staff, city council members, and your citizens and at the same time enhance your city’s image? This workshop will help you develop workplace interpersonal communication skills to become a more successful leader and improve your influence with those you interact with. You will learn proven best practices for decreasing unproductive time, increasing employee engagement, boosting productivity, increasing trust and respect, and enjoying everyday work life. Simple communication concepts will become the bedrock skill that helps you significantly improve your professionalism, influence and effectiveness.

Executive Recruiting: Identifying the Best Candidates for Local Government Positions

Speaker: Ron Holifield

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In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins emphasizes the importance of getting the right people on the bus.  Unfortunately, the local government hiring processes has not consistently produced superstars.  This session will provide very practical strategies for dramatically improving your hiring and selection processes at very little cost.  Utilizing proven hiring and selection practices will result in higher performing organizations with improved morale, and greater efficiency and effectiveness. 


Affordable Health Care Act

Speaker: Mark Morgan

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Overwhelmed by health care reform and confused about what it means for your city and your employees? This informational workshop will feature the latest updates in healthcare reform. With so many aspects of health care reform unknown and the rules constantly changing, it is all but impossible for employers to stay up to date. This session will take you on a crash course of everything you need to know including hot topics such as “Pay or Play penalties,” SBC requirements, and Exchanges.


For the Love of Cities - 

The Love Affair Between People and Their Places

Speaker: Peter Kageyama

Nearly every city or town has something that local residents can connect with on an emotional level. Tapping into your citizens emotional attachement to their city can be a powerful tool and open up new possibilities in community, social and economic development. Peter Kageyama will explore what makes cities lovable and what motivates ordinary citizens to do extraordinary things for their places. Hear how some cities, such as New Orleans, Detroit and Cleveland, are using that energy to fill in the gaps that city makers may not be able to fulfill as resources have disappeared. Peter will introduce us to some amazing people who are truly in love with their cities and how they are key to the future development of our communities.


Fiscal First Aid - Becoming the Picture of Fiscal Health

Speakers: Jon Johnson  & Chris Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Communities across America are struggling to develop meaningful and fiscally prudent budgets under financial pressures unknown in modern times. Revenues are down while demand for services are up. Citizens believe governments are "fat" and that there is ample waste to cut. Civic leaders believe fiscal policy should center on spreading the pain with equal cuts across the board with no appreciation for unintended consequences, optimization of budgets, or alignment of financial resources with community priorities. This workshop will demonstrate how you can use proven tools and techniques to achieve fiscal health in this unprecedented economic climate. Traditional responses to financial crisis, such as across-the-board cuts, tax increases, or selling assets, are not typically the best treatments when trying to close the budget gap. By applying the wrong treatment, you will discover that you can even make matters worse. This workshop will help attendees determine the best approach for reaching and maintaining long-term financial stability.


Retail IS Economic Development:
How to Create Aggressive Recruiting Strategies in Today’s Economy

Speaker: C. Kelly Cofer, President and CEO,

The Retail Coach, Tupelo, Mississippi

Retail IS economic development and should be a component of your community’s comprehensive economic development strategy. Your success will bring increased sales and property tax revenue; new jobs; more shopping and eating options; and reduced outflow of dollars to other communities. Retail choices also enhance your community’s quality of life, which is a component in recruiting businesses and a capable workforce. As U.S. retail competition continues to heat up, it is becoming increasingly urgent and important for Tennessee cities to take a greater role in the recruitment process. This workshop will focus on 10 steps that should be a part of every Retail Economic Development Plan and can help give you the competitive advantage you need in today’s economy.

Getting Your Share of the Pie

Speaker: Valerie Mann

A successful grant writer for 35 years, Mann will discuss every step of the grant process, enabling both the novice and experienced grant writer to successfully pursue grant money. There is an enormous amount of money available for nearly any kind of non-profit, municipality, police department, fire department, and more.  This workshop will discuss the "dos and don'ts" of grant writing, and will include all stages of the grant seeking process from the conceptual stage to the search phase, to the application phase, and finally to the administration phase. A number of these tips are considered to be deal breakers by the agencies. This general information will give the attendees a "crash course" on the most basic rules for success in obtaining grant funding.

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