2022 TML Legislative Priorities and Advocacy Materials

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Read Report: TML 2022 Legislative Agenda Update (3-11-22)

Read Report: Legislation Affecting Municipalities (3-11-22)


All TML Legislative Priorities

Use the links below to review one-pagers and videos for TML's priorities for the 2021 legislative session.  All of TML's priorities are determined by TML members: the city officials across our state that submit proposed legislation, and those city officials which comprise TML's Board of Directors.  

SB971 (Walley)/ HB1029 (Moon) Authority to Meet Electronically -- Watch Video

SB2564 (Crowe)/ HB1949 (Darby) Harmonizing Compensation -- Watch Video

Returning Priorities

SB1985 (Jackson)/ HB2039 (Carr) Municipal CMFO Reimbursement from the State -- Watch Video

SB2076 (Briggs)/ HB2012 (Carr) Restoring the Historic Revenue Sharing Relationship -- Watch Video

SB2469 (Powers)/ HB2562 (Hicks, G) Allow Local Governments to Receive Local Share of Sales Tax Collected Between $1,600-$3,200 -- Watch Video

SB149 (Briggs)/ HB170 (Zachary) Small Cells -- Watch Video


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 TML Advocacy Guides

Map of TML Districts

 The advocacy guides below have all the information you need to know who the legislators are in each district, what cities they represent, which committees they serve on, and who is serving in the TML board and staff roles.  

District 1             District 2             District 3             District 4

District 5             District 6            District 7             District 8