Assistant City Manager

Johnson City

Johnson City is currently accepting applications for an assistant city manager.

The Assistant City Manager assists the City Manager with day-to-day administrative duties; conducts independent research studies; makes recommendations on internal policies, complex administrative projects and problems; and maintains inventory control of public-owned properties. In addition, the ACM coordinates the activities of several administrative divisions. Directives, letters, memoranda and reports are prepared regarding the promulgation and implementation of administrative rules and regulations. Frequent contact is made with local, state and federal officials to resolve problems and develop projects. The work is performed under the direction of the City Manager, with broad latitude for independent action and decisions. The Assistant City Manager acts for the City Manager, from time to time, when the City Manager is absent.

Responsibilities include: 

  • assists the City Managerin administrative duties,conducts independentresearch, and makesrecommendations oncomplex administrativeprojects and problems
  • studies operationalissues and recommendssolutions
  • coordinates administrativeservices and providesguidance for divisiondirectors
  • facilitates communicationand cooperation betweendepartments
  • interprets policies fordepartment heads
  • encourages innovativeand productiveimprovements throughoutthe organization
  • informs legislativerepresentatives regardingthe viewpoints of the Cityon relevant issues
  • oversees long-termplanning and growthmanagement, land useand zoning activities,implementation ofrelated policies suchas the ComprehensivePlan as adopted bythe Commission, anddevelopment regulations.
  • coordinates theinstallation of newsystems, procedures andmethods of operations
  • prepares and revisesgeneral administrative manuals, and reviews specialized manuals
  • prepares various reports
  • assists department headsin effecting improvementsin overall administration
  • prepares written materialfor the dissemination ofinformation regardingadministrative policiesand practices
  • meets withrepresentatives of local,state and federal agenciesas needed to achieveobjectivesprepares departmentalbudgets
  • maintains inventory ofcity owned property andcoordinates the sell andpurchase of real property

Education & Experience

Candidates should hold a degree from a college or university of recognized standing, preferably a Master’s Degree in Public Administration or related field of study. He or she should have extensive responsible experience in research, business administration and/or public administration, preferably in municipal government. The City will consider candidates with an equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Progressively responsible experience in municipal administration with three to five years as an Assistant City Manager or City Manager is preferred. The ideal candidate should have experience in finance, budget, human resources and other internal services.

For more information contact Melanie Keene, Director Human Resources City of Johnson City,, (423) 434-6016