Legislative Conference Recap


TML's 2021 Virtual Legislative Conference Recap

 If you missed our event for this year use the links below to watch spreakers and other content provided during the Virtual Legislative Conference on March 15.    

Governor Bill Lee


Lt. Governor Randy McNally


House Speaker Cameron Sexton


Comptroller of the Treasury Jason Mumpower


Commissioner David Gerregano, TN Dept. of Revenue (Full)

Watch Clips of Commissioner Gerregano:

Quantifying the Impact of Situs-Based Online and Out-of-State Collections

The Impact on Rural Tennessee vs. More Densely Populated Areas

Does Data Show a Purchase Migration Among Tennesseans from Local Brick-and-Mortar to More Online and Out-of-State?

The Accuracy of How Situs Based Collections are Reported

Performance of Sales Tax Collections Through the Pandemic

How Different Industries Have Fared During the Pandemic


Economic Update with Kevin Krushenski of TML Staff


Senate State & Local Committee Chairman Richard Briggs


House Local Government Committee Chairman John Crawford


TML Legislative Agenda with TML Lobbyists Denise Paige and John Holloway


Our event was made possible with the support of our sponsors:



BNY Mellon