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Mass Communication Service

REACH Alert is a communication platform that allows clients to immediately share timely information with residents, employees, students, customers, etc.  You type a single message and REACH Alert will deliver it as a text message, voice call, and/or email notification.  You can communicate with your entire city, or with a click of the mouse, with specific street(s), individual address(es), or even unique individuals.

 You can form as many groups as you wish (Neighborhood Watch, police, utility customers, municipal employees, Chamber of Commerce) and immediately communicate with them.

 Easy and intuitive to use - training typically takes 20 minutes.  Effective - share information within seconds.  Economical - most competitive price among national providers.  As a TML member, special discounts are automatically provided.

 With REACH Alert, you will never be out of touch with your residents!

Ken Weber, COO
Ph: (877) 307-9313; cell (502) 235-9697