Administrative Services Director

White House

Under the direction of the City Administrator the Administrative Services Director plans, directs, manages and
oversees the activities and operations of the Administrative Services department including the Administrative and
Legislative Support, Building and Grounds, Economic Development and Tourism, and Purchasing divisions. The
Administration Services Director performs all functions of City Recorder as required by Municipal Code,
coordinates assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies, provides high level administrative
assistance to City Administrator and elected officials requiring specialized knowledge of administrative support
activities and knowledge of local government.

This is an exempt position requiring good judgment and individual latitude in making daily decision. Position may
initiate and manage new administrative programs; coordinate or facilitate meetings, and perform other support duties
as required.


The following duties are typical for this job. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive. Other
duties may be required and assigned.

Assume full management responsibility for all department services and activities including planning, organizing and
directing all internal support functions for the department.

Establish, within City policy, appropriate services and monitor efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery
methods and procedures to allocate resources accordingly.

Advertise all meetings of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA), Beer Board, Industrial Development Board,
Health Educational and Housing Facilities Board, and Stormwater Advisory Board in the local newspaper, and on
the City’s website and social media accounts. Advertisements are to include information on public hearings/second
readings of ordinances and approved ordinances and resolutions each month.

Research and write ordinances and resolutions with aid from City Administrator.

Shall be present at all meetings of the BMA, and keep a full and accurate record of all business transacted by the
board to be preserved in permanent form. **

Print off ordinances, resolutions and minutes on special paper for Mayor’s signature. Sign and file in the
appropriate minute, ordinance or resolution book. Add the passed ordinances and resolutions to the electronic

The Recorder (Administrative Services Director) shall have custody of, and preserve in the recorder’s office,
minutes of the board, contracts, bonds, title deeds, certificates, and papers, all official indemnity or security bonds
(except the recorder’s bond, which shall be in the custody of the Mayor), and all other bonds, oaths and affirmations
and all other records, papers, and documents not required by Municipal charter or by ordinance to be deposited
elsewhere, and register them by numbers, dates and contents, and keep an accurate and modern index thereof.**
Annually, send ordinances to MTAS for codification. Once Municipal Codes have been updated and sent back to
the City, make and distribute copies and update the Code Books for the following: Board of Mayor and Aldermen,
City Administrator, and all Department Heads.

The Recorder (Administrative Services Director) shall provide, copy, and when required by any officer or person,
certify copies or records, papers and documents in the recorder’s office.**

Manage the Records Clerk I in assuring timely updates to the City’s website, including posting BMA agendas and
Board-approved minutes, ordinances, and resolutions on a monthly basis.

Manage and host special meetings, receptions, conferences, and events as needed including travel arrangements,
facility reservation and arranging catering services.

Participate in the development and administration of the department and City-wide annual budget; approve the
forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies; approve expenditures and implement
budgetary adjustments as appropriate and necessary.

Represent the Administrative Services Department to other departments, elected officials and outside agencies;
coordinate assigned activities with those of other departments and outside agencies and organizations.

Provide assistance to the City Administrator, participate on a variety committees; prepare and present staff reports
and other necessary correspondence.

Field questions and inquiries on ordinances, resolutions, and minutes for staff and citizens.
Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.
Supervise Administrative Services staff.
**Required by City’s Municipal Code

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, ability to maintain effective and positive working
relationships with the public, elected officials and City Department Heads. Good analytical and problem solving
skills. Ability to use personal judgment and make decisions. Professional demeanor and appearance. Skill in use of
various computer software packages.

Physical Requirements: Ability to pass reasonable fitness and physical standards to safely perform essential
functions of the job, if required, as determined by city physician, vision and hearing, normal or corrected sufficient
to read, write and safely operate tools and equipment used in work; dexterity and fitness sufficient to safely operate,
utilize and maintain tools and equipment used in work; ability to lift up to twenty pounds, though greater weights at
times may be lifted, carried and/or placed; dexterity and fitness to grasp, crouch, bend, stoop, walk, and otherwise
perform physical functions of the assignment.

Work Environment: Work environment is generally agreeable with good working conditions. The work
environment demands minimal confinement with no protective equipment required. The noise level is usually quiet
to moderate.

Training and Experience: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in liberal arts or business field, and at least three years
of experience in a professional office environment, or any combination of training and experience necessary to
complete the essential functions of the job.
Necessary special conditions: None.

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