Entry SB355 / HB327 - Mar 20, 2019


As amended,  rewrites the bill to:  (1) remove the required designation of county size, so that all counties may benefit;  (2) remove minimum acreage requirements; (3) expands the definition of a qualified cost for which certain tax revenues may be utilized;  and (4) expands the designation which must be obtained in order to qualify as a redevelopment zone.

Entry SB1337 / HB1318 - Mar 18, 2019

Entry SB1189 / HB591 - Mar 18, 2019

Entry SB1442 / HB316 - Mar 20, 2019


As amended, specifies the bill applies to any municipal corporation or other political subdivision of the state maintaining a fire department. Establishes firefighters seeking to utilize the presumption must fulfill certain requirements by July 1, 2020. Defines firefighter as any full time, paid employee of a fire department of the state and fire department as a department recognized by the state fire marshal's office.

Entry SB205 / HB268 - Mar 19, 2019

Entry SB1337 / HB1318 - Mar 14, 2019

Entry SB1366 / HB603 - Mar 14, 2019

Entry SB364 / HB563 - Mar 18, 2019


As amended, adds that this bill does not limit the authority of the department of economic and community development to award FastTrack grants.

Entry SB433 / HB12 - Mar 14, 2019


Revises prohibitions to apply only to businesses operating on private property with owner permission and generating under $2,500 yearly.

Entry SB9 / HB9 - Mar 13, 2019


As amended, this legislation will have state-wide application and authorize any local government to opt to ban smoking in their public parks by a 2/3 vote of the governing body.


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