Entry SB520 / HB476 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB2290 / HB2395 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB520 / HB476 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB2333 / HB2312 - Apr 3, 2018

Entry SB1955 / HB1602 - Apr 3, 2018


As amended, limits the application of the bill to public buildings where sales events are allowed.

Entry SB278 / HB279 - Mar 27, 2018


As amended, authorizes a municipality, a county, or a county having a metropolitan form of government to prohibit smoking on the grounds of a hospital or in the public areas immediately outside of a hospital building and its entrances, including public sidewalks. Prohibits smoking by a distance of 50 feet from a hospital's entrance and can be extended further as is necessary to ensure patient safety. This amendment will not affect or repeal any regulations existing prior to July 1, 2018. 

Entry SB2504 / HB2279 - Apr 3, 2018


As amended, establishes the "Competitive Wireless Broadband Investment, Deployment and Safety Act of 2018,” which sets for the requirements for small cell deployment in the state. The bill has been improved by amendment to streamline the process and includes provisions to allow cities to enforce generally applicable local laws, aesthetic plans, and to require work permits with fees.

Entry SB2117 / HB2195 - Mar 26, 2018

Entry SB1971 / HB1772 - Mar 26, 2018

Entry SB2504 / HB2279 - Mar 26, 2018


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