Entry SB501 / HB658 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB2153 / HB2158 - Mar 28, 2018

Entry SB2153 / HB2158 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB1234 / HB487 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB2518 / HB1540 - Mar 27, 2018

Entry SB2117 / HB2195 - Mar 26, 2018

Entry SB2290 / HB2395 - Mar 28, 2018

Entry SB2200 / HB2185 - Mar 28, 2018



As amended in the Senate, establishes, for any municipality authorized by private act or under general law of this state to levy by ordinance a tax on the privilege of occupancy in a hotel, when the existing rate of such tax on the effective date of this act is less than the maximum amount that the municipality may levy under such private act or general law, that any increase in such tax by ordinance on and after the effective date of this act is expended on the promotion of tourism or tourism development. The House is expected to adopt the Senate amendment.

Entry - Mar 28, 2018

Entry SB1724 / HB1608 - Mar 22, 2018


As amended,  adds that any written public records policy of a state government entity adopted prior to the effective date of this act, if any, remains in full force and effect until the state governmental entity adopts rules in accordance with this subdivision.


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