Entry SB1045 / HB1410 - Mar 6, 2018

Entry SB363 / HB1143 - Mar 5, 2018

Entry SB278 / HB279 - Mar 6, 2018

Entry SB2010 / HB1898 - Feb 27, 2018

Entry SB1724 / HB1608 - Mar 7, 2018

Entry SB1646 / HB1591 - Mar 5, 2018


As amended, specifies that this bill's authorization for cooperatives to allow other providers to operate, electric, or other telecommunications or broadband internet access and related services transmission and distribution lines is limited to those that are permitted to operate such systems within the cooperative's service area.

Entry SB1906 / HB1803 - Mar 5, 2018

Entry SB1496 / HB1727 - Mar 7, 2018


As amended,  establishes new values at which a local government can sell land previously acquired through condemnation to the original property owner and authorizes former property owners to request a statement of intent for public use regarding property taken through condemnation. The new value is the price paid to the former property owner by the local government, plus the cost of any documented expenditures that improved the value of the property and an amount equal to the average amount of interest that would have accrued on the amount paid to the former property owner if held in U.S. treasury bonds;

Entry SB2473 / HB1804 - Mar 6, 2018

Entry SB2504 / HB2279 - Mar 6, 2018


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