Entry SB1057 / HB969 - Mar 13, 2018

Entry SB1057 / HB969 - Mar 13, 2018

Entry SB1894 / HB1914 - Mar 20, 2018

Entry SB2205 / HB1494 - Mar 21, 2018


As amended, allows a  city mayor or county executive to compel the evacuation of the entire county or any portion thereof if they have declared a local state of emergency. Any person who willfully violates this order commits a Class C misdemeanor. 

Entry SB2333 / HB2312 - Mar 20, 2018

Entry SB2214 / HB1929 - Mar 21, 2018


As amended, re-writes the bill to  require a municipality to display required notice regarding unlawful operation of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and or treatment services in city hall or other building that houses the municipality's seat of government.  Also requires a municipality that maintains a website to also place such notice predominantly on its website. Authorizes a municipality to adopt an ordinance to require sober living homes to display notice in a prominent place within the sober living home and further authorizes municipalities to adopt ordinances encouraging sober living homes to become chartered and comply with applicable requirements.

Entry SB1955 / HB1602 - Mar 20, 2018


As amended, adds language to definition of government entity. Prohibits a government entity from infringing a person's rights under the Tennessee Constitution, the United States Constitution, or any state law relative to firearms. 

Entry SB1058 / HB970 - Mar 20, 2018

Entry SB1679 / HB2490 - Mar 13, 2018

Entry SB278 / HB279 - Mar 20, 2018


As amended, revises the authority to prohibit smoking by removing the part on individual owners/operations of retail establishments located within an enclosed shopping mall who are allowed to determine policy on the use of tobacco products within the person's establishment. It also removes the part allowing special school districts to regulate the use of tobacco products in buildings owned or leased by the entities. It further removes a local government's authority to authorize by ordinance to prohibit smoking on the grounds of a swimming pool owned or operated by such local government or an outdoor amphitheater with a seating capacity of at least six thousand. The amendment will not affect or repeal any regulations existing prior to July 1, 2017.


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