Entry SB2200 / HB2185 - Apr 18, 2018



As amended in the Senate, establishes, for any municipality authorized by private act or under general law of this state to levy by ordinance a tax on the privilege of occupancy in a hotel, when the existing rate of such tax on the effective date of this act is less than the maximum amount that the municipality may levy under such private act or general law, that any increase in such tax by ordinance on and after the effective date of this act is expended on the promotion of tourism or tourism development. The House is expected to adopt the Senate amendment.

Entry SB2332 / HB2315 - Apr 23, 2018

Entry SB1075 / HB971 - Apr 23, 2018


As amended, changes the current distribution of the local portion (2.25%) of the sales tax levied and collected on online sales by vendors participating in the State’s voluntary online sales tax collections program.  Based on the most recent information available from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the local portion of voluntary online collections amounted to about $380 million.   After accounting for all the deductions, including 50% for schools and the county trustees’ commission, cities received about $130 million of the $380 million collected.   The amendment will alter the distribution of these voluntary online sales collections to provide counties 75% of the total local share, while cities would receive just 25%.   TML projects that this change will result in the redirection of about $100 million in online sales tax collections from cities to counties.   As this is a permanent change to the distribution, the loss continues into the future.   

Entry SB2520 / HB1574 - Apr 23, 2018


As amended, prohibits public entities from selling or disposing of memorials on public property. Requires public entities to file a petition before any transaction involving a nonprofit or private entity. Allows interested parties to offer public comments regarding the petition prior to the commission's decision. Establishes guidelines for the filing of complaints with the commission.

Entry SB1234 / HB487 - Apr 23, 2018

Entry SB1971 / HB1772 - Apr 18, 2018

Entry SB2680 / HB2125 - Apr 17, 2018


As amended, requires the annexation of any property with written consent of a two-thirds majority of the property owners to not require a referendum.

Entry SB2117 / HB2195 - Apr 16, 2018

Entry SB891 / HB913 - Apr 23, 2018


As amended, clarifies that if there is a  municipal utility board with management responsibility for the municipal utility system, the utility board may devote revenues derived from the gas system to funding chambers of commerce and economic and community organizations in accordance with an ordinance or resolution adopted by the governing body of the municipality.

Entry SB2214 / HB1929 - Apr 16, 2018


As amended, re-writes the bill to  require a municipality to display required notice regarding unlawful operation of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and or treatment services in city hall or other building that houses the municipality's seat of government.  Also requires a municipality that maintains a website to also place such notice predominantly on its website. Authorizes a municipality to adopt an ordinance to require sober living homes to display notice in a prominent place within the sober living home and further authorizes municipalities to adopt ordinances encouraging sober living homes to become chartered and comply with applicable requirements.


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