Entry SB1971 / HB1772 - Apr 9, 2018

Entry SB2680 / HB2125 - Apr 9, 2018


As amended, requires the annexation of any property with written consent of a two-thirds majority of the property owners to not require a referendum.

Entry SB2563 / HB2208 - Apr 3, 2018


As amended, expands existing state law to authorize  all school districts in TN to allow certain K-12 employees, on a voluntary basis, to carry a concealed handgun on school grounds.  Currently, this authorization is limited to Pickett and Wayne counties. Teachers, principals, vice principals, or other staff members classified as full-time who wish to carry concealed weapons at school must hold a valid handgun carry permit; must not be prohibited from carrying a handgun under state or federal law; must have successfully completed a 40-hour course in school police training; and must annually complete at least sixteen (16) hours of continuing handgun instruction geared toward school safety, the use of deadly force, and handgun proficiency. 


Entry SB2333 / HB2312 - Apr 12, 2018

Entry SB1955 / HB1602 - Apr 9, 2018


As amended, limits the application of the bill to public buildings where sales events are allowed.

Entry SB2504 / HB2279 - Apr 11, 2018


As amended, establishes the "Competitive Wireless Broadband Investment, Deployment and Safety Act of 2018,” which sets for the requirements for small cell deployment in the state. The bill has been improved by amendment to streamline the process and includes provisions to allow cities to enforce generally applicable local laws, aesthetic plans, and to require work permits with fees.

Entry SB2578 / HB2552 - Apr 10, 2018

Entry SB2473 / HB1804 - Apr 9, 2018

Entry SB2229 / HB2313 - Apr 11, 2018


As amended, provides a "permit shield" for NPDES permit holders, which means the  permittee is shielded from both agency enforcement and citizen suits, provided that the permittee complies with the terms of the NPDES permit.

Entry SB2214 / HB1929 - Apr 12, 2018


As amended, re-writes the bill to  require a municipality to display required notice regarding unlawful operation of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and or treatment services in city hall or other building that houses the municipality's seat of government.  Also requires a municipality that maintains a website to also place such notice predominantly on its website. Authorizes a municipality to adopt an ordinance to require sober living homes to display notice in a prominent place within the sober living home and further authorizes municipalities to adopt ordinances encouraging sober living homes to become chartered and comply with applicable requirements.


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