TML Advocacy

TML Priorities

Use the links below to explore TML's priorities for the coming legislative session.  All of TML's priorities are determined by TML members: the city officials across our state that submit proposed legislation, and those city officials which comprise TML's Board of Directors.  What follows are five one-pagers explaining each priority and a PowerPoint presentation with notes for additional background. 

1. Municipal CMFO Reimbursement from the State

2. Drive-thru Window Sales for Package Stores

3. Mandatory Sales Tax Collection From Out-of-State Sellers

4. Increase in State Shared Revenues 

5. Increase State Funding of Education  ***Education funding background and one-pager is being withheld as we work with the counties to collaborate on uniform talking points.  These materials will be posted at a later date.

PPT Presentation: 2019 TML Legislative Priorities    


TML District Advocacy Guides

Use the map above to find the corresponding TML District for your county, and click the links below to download a PDF of your TML District Advocacy Guide.  These guides contain legislator contact info, what cities and counties legislators represent, and on what committees your legislators serve.  It's also a quick reference for knowing what neighboring cities are in your district and are represented by the same legislators. 

TML District 1TML District 2TML District 3TML District 4
TML District 5TML District 6TML District 7TML District 8