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Tennessee’s first Rural Mayors’ Day to honor leadership on the local level

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On Monday, Oct. 2, Tennesseans will celebrate the state’s first-ever observance of Tennessee Rural Mayors’ Day.
Signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam in May as Public Chapter No. 176, the measure was introduced by House Transportation Chairman Barry Doss, R-Leoma. Doss said the idea for the observance came from a young constituent who wanted to honor his own city mayor, Pulaski’s Mayor Pat Ford.

Cookeville PD becomes second in nation to equip officers with epinephrine kits


The Cookeville Police Department has become the first department in the state and second in the country to equip officers with epinephrine pens.
Used to treat severe allergic reactions, the epinephrine kits – better known by the brand name EpiPen – allow officers to treat victims of anaphylactic reactions. The Cookeville Police Department became the first department in the state to adopt the use of epinephrine kits following several 2016 pieces of legislation aimed at making the kits more widely available.

Tennessee cities lead by example to encourage economic investment

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When the Goodyear plant in Union City announced it was closing its doors in 2011, city officials not only had to face the loss of their community’s biggest employer but also the tax revenue brought in by the company.

Tennessee municipalities set sights on solar eclipse

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Cities and towns across Tennessee are gearing up to view a once-in-a-life-time event.
On Aug. 21, Tennessee will experience its first total solar eclipse in more than 500 years, with another total eclipse not predicted to occur in the same area for nearly 550 years afterward.

Billy Teets, an outreach astronomer with Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory in Brentwood, said a solar eclipse requires both the moon and the sun to be in exactly the right position when compared to the earth.

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