Ban on handheld phones while driving to take effect

A new law banning Tennessee drivers from handheld cell phone use goes into effect on July 1.

Drivers caught holding a phone can face up to a $50 fine for a mere violation with a fine of $100 if the violation contributes to an accident and up to $200 if it happens in a construction or school zone.

Exceptions to the new law include law enforcement, campus police, emergency services, and firefighters acting in an official capacity.
Handheld cellphone use has already been banned in Tennessee school zones and teen drivers are also prohibited from talking on the phone while driving. A texting while driving ban is also already in force.

Motorists are still able to use phones with an earpiece, headphone device, or wrist device. A handheld phone may also be used only in the case of an emergency.
Sixteen states and Washington D.C. already prohibit all drivers from using handheld cellphones, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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