Five Tennessee cities hold fall elections

Five municipalities across Tennessee held elections in October and November of this year.


The town of Centerville held a municipal election on Oct. 2, 2021.

Incumbent mayor Gary Jacobs kept his seat in a race against Alderman Tim Luckett and challenger Derek Newsom. Jacobs led the vote total with 260 votes to Newsom’s 74 and Luckett’s 59. 

In Ward 1, incumbent David Dansby ran unopposed and was elected with 321 votes. 

Newcomer Mandy King ran unopposed and took the seat previously held by James P. Herron III, who did not seek re-election. King earned 295 votes.

Challenger Josie Bylstad defeated incumbent John M. Wilson for the Ward 3 seat by a single vote. Bylstad earned 177 votes to 176. 

Ward 4 Incumbent Wayne Price also ran unopposed and was re-elected with 313 votes.

Newcomer Gary R. Wright also ran unopposed and was elected to the Ward 5 seat previously held by Tim Luckett. Wright earned 317 votes. 


Franklin citizens went to the polls on Oct. 26, 2021. 

In Ward 1, incumbent Bev Burger ran unopposed and was re-elected to the seat she has held since 2005. Burger received 631 votes.

For Ward 2, Matt Brown defeated fellow newcomers Angela Hubbard, Tina Pierret, and Mike Vaughn. Brown secured 880 votes to Pierret’s 395, Hubbard’s 333, and Vaughn’s 290. Incumbent Alderman Dana McLendon did not seek re-election to the seat he held for 22 years.

Newcomer Jason Potts defeated challenger Michelle Sutton for the Ward 3 seat. Potts garnered 1,091 votes to Sutton’s 1,066. Incumbent Scott Speedy did not seek re-election.

Patrick Baggett defeated fellow challenger Elizabeth Downing Wanczak for the Ward 4 seat. Bagget earned 1,767 votes to Wanczak’s 659. The Ward 2 seat was previously held by longtime Alderwoman Margaret Martin, who did not seek re-election.

Gabrielle Hanson defeated fellow newcomers Alan Simms, John Hayes, and Bhavani Muvvala for the one at-large seat open on the board. Hanson earned 2,735 votes to Simms 2,043, Hanes 1,672, and Muvvala’s 584. The at-large seat election was previously held by the late Pearl Bransford with former TDOT Commissioner John Schroer appointed to fill the vacancy until the election. 


Residents of Humboldt cast their ballots in a city election on Nov. 2, 2021.

Incumbent Marvin Sikes retained his mayoral seat, fending off challengers Thomas D. Emery, Terry Johnson, Christine Warrington, and Yahweh Yahweh. Sikes led the vote total with 982 votes followed by Warrington with 148, Johnson with 117, Emery with 73, and Yahweh with 13. 

In the Ward 1 Alderman race, newcomer Tammie L. Porter defeated fellow challenger Sarah Shivers with Porter earning 119 votes to Shivers’ 42. Porter will replace outgoing alderman James Shivers who did not seek re-election. 

Newcomer Lenford Carr defeated incumbent Leon McNeal and fellow challenger Yahweh Yahweh Yahweh for the Ward 2 Alderman seat. Carr garnered 76 votes followed by McNeal with 74 and Yahweh with 13. 

Julian Jones-Coleman ran unopposed and was elected to the Ward 3 seat with 242 votes. Jones-Coleman will take over the seat from incumbent Don Graves, who did not seek re-election. 

Shane Lynch defeated fellow challenger Brittney Bunn-Gabarra for the Ward 4 seat previously held by Bob Pruett, who did not seek re-election. Lynch received 349 votes to Bunn-Gabarra’s 49.  In Ward 5, incumbent Monte Johnson ran unopposed and was re-elected with 171 votes. 


The city of Knoxville held its general election on Nov. 2, 2021, following a primary election held in August.

One of the most partisan elections in the city’s history, none of the five Republican-backed challengers won any of the open seats on the Knoxville City Council. 

Incumbent Tommy Smith defeated challenger Elizabeth Murphy for the District 1 seat. Smith earned 11,723 votes to Murphy’s 8,886. Smith was appointed to the seat after previous Councilwoman Stephanie Welch went to work for Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon in 2020. 

In District 2, incumbent Andrew Roberto defeated challenger Kim Smith. Roberto earned 11,431 votes to Smith’s 9,164.

Incumbent Seem Singh defeated challenger Nicholas Ciparro in the District 3 race. Singh garnered 11,443 votes to Ciparro’s 9,127. 

For District 4, incumbent Lauren Rider defeated challenger Jim Klonaris with Rider earning 11,617 votes to Klonaris’ 9,255. Incumbent District 6 candidate and current Knoxville Vice Mayor Gwen McKenzie also defeated challenger Garrett Holt. McKenzie earned 11,971 votes to Holt’s 8,845. 


The town of Selmer held a municipal election on Nov. 2, 2021. 

Newcomer Sherry L. Inman defeated incumbent John Smith and fellow challenger Mike Lambert for the Selmer mayoral seat. Inman garnered 350 votes to Smith’s 294 and Lambert’s 229. 

Incumbents John Finlaysaon and Johnny Norris ran unopposed and were re-elected to the two open alderman seats.