Goodlettsville receives TCMA Award for Excellence in Municipal Government

Over the course of the past year, the city of Goodlettsville has worked tirelessly to improve customer service delivery, save cost to taxpayers, and create a more efficient approach to government that enhances city services and the roles of city employees.
The Tennessee City Management Association (TCMA) is recognizing the city of Goodlettsville with its 2019 Award for Municipal Excellence. Officials from the city of Goodlettsville were presented the award at the 80th Annual Conference of the Tennessee Municipal League held at the Memphis Convention Center.
The award is presented annually for the successful development and implementation of creative programs and service delivery improvements to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of local government.
The city analyzed each of its nine city departments to determine how each handled customer service and what improvements could be made.
The goal of the project was to ensure that citizens were responded to in a quick, efficient manner that left them with a positive impression.
To better streamline communications, the city created a centralized customer service center allowing those who conduct business with the city to be able to communicate their needs with informed professionals in the most efficient way possible.
This customer service center improved work request processes for each department, eliminated unnecessary steps in communication, and allowed work requests to be mainstreamed so they could be completed in the most efficient manner possible.
An existing city employee was given the title of customer service manager to oversee all customer service functions and members of the public works and recreation departments with known customer service and interpersonal skills were selected to be part of the customer service center along with staff members of the administration department.
The customer service center was located at city hall and all workstations were equipped with the most recent software used in daily city business, the Customer Request Management (CRM) software program, the most recent phone system, phone recording systems, and educated in new processes.
The city employed upgraded Customer Request Management (CRM) software in order to process and track work requests, as well as, customer contact and visits in regards to needs and requests. A customer-friendly telephone system was also employed and all levels of city staff were given customer service development training.
The city also saw a 38 percent increase in the efficiency of answering customer calls and a 46.5 percent decrease in the amount of time it took for responses to service requests. The program has also generated an estimated annual savings of more than $52,000.
Another way Goodlettsville worked to enhance city services was through the city’s new Neighborhood Enhancement Program, which allows individual neighborhoods to have representation on an advisory panel as it relates to city matters.
It further allows for better direct communication with specific neighborhoods when the need necessitates.
The mission of the program is to represent the interest of Goodlettsville’s neighborhoods in the development and implementation of governmental policies that impact the quality of life for residents. The program works to develop pride in the city and individual neighborhoods through branding, web presence, email newsletters, and promotion.
Goodlettsville also sought to expand its municipal tax base through growing its tourism footprint.
After more than a year of research, the city decided the most advantageous and creative approach in expanding its tax base was to create a tourism function that brought visitors to the city by means of sports tourism, corporate tourism, music city tourism, historic site tourism and everyday travelers.
The result was the creation of the Goodlettsville Visitors and Tourism Department, which is funded through a portion of the local hotel/motel tax.
In the short time since the creation of this new department, the city has seen hotel occupancy increase by more than 35 percent with similar increase in local option sales tax and hotel/motel tax collections. The department has also brought new visitors to Goodlettsville to take advantage of the city’s many amenities.