Tennessee Town & City to go digital Jan 2022

By Anthony Haynes

TML Executive Director

December marks my first full year with the Tennessee Municipal League – and what an exciting year it has been! I have enjoyed meeting so many of you and learning about your cities and the people you serve. I look forward to building on those relationships.

As I embarked on this new challenge, I set many goals for myself as well as the League. At the top of the list was to look for new ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness, increase visibility and outreach, and improve on some of our communications tools we currently use to inform our members on key initiatives.
One area of focus is Tennessee Town & City. Over the years this publication has told the stories of Tennessee cities and shared the information with Governors, Legislators, Congressmen and city officials.

Today, access to information is critical and it has to be timely. Technology has opened the door to new ways to deliver information. As print publications such as newspapers and magazines have transitioned to digital delivery, we are moving in the same direction. We feel like it is time for us to re-evaluate how we deliver Tennessee Town & City in this technology advanced, digital world.

That is why the TML Board of Directors approved the decision to move to a digital publication in 2022 and no longer print Tennessee Town & City and deliver it by mail – but to instead enter the digital age and produce a more timely, efficient and cost-effective product.
The obvious question is why make this change?

Instead of waiting in some cases weeks for the print edition to arrive, information that is important to you, your city and your community will be readily available. You will no longer have to wait to learn about a new state rule, a city promotion, or a grant opportunity when we have the tools available that can provide a more expedient product.
There is another benefit from this decision; we will be able to reallocate funds for printing the newspaper to other critical areas for TML members.

Beginning in January, we will launch a new portion of our website dedicated to a digital Tennessee Town & City. You will find there the same great feature articles on various city projects, a people section that highlights comings and goings of city and state officials, state briefs, and legislative information – just like before. With this new format, you will have up-to-date information about issues and people on a timely, daily basis.

I thank you for your continued support to this organization and all that you do in your communities and for the people you serve. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at ahaynes@tml1.org. I welcome your input.