Voters go to polls in six municipalities

TML Communications Specialist

Municipal elections have been held in six cities this fall, bringing both new and familiar faces to boards and councils across the state.
Oneida re-elected Jack E. Lay to its mayoral seat, making him the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history while Knoxville elected a new mayor after the end of Mayor Madeline Rogero’s final term.
The election of three women to open posts in Knoxville also gives the city its first female-majority council in history with seven women and two men serving on the council.

The city of Centerville held a municipal election on Oct. 5.
Newcomer Dagan Bates defeated challenger Debbie Mencer for the Ward 1 seat on the Centerville Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Incumbent candidate Susan Griggs chose not to run for re-election.
Ward 2 incumbent Lonnie Horner, Ward 3 incumbent Molly Bates, Ward 4 incumbent Derek Newsom, and Ward 5 incumbent Christopher King all ran unopposed and were re-elected to their seats.

Residents in Franklin went to the polls for a city election on Oct. 22.
Incumbent Mayor Ken Moore ran unopposed and was re-elected to his seat.
Incumbent Clyde Barnhill retained his Alderman At-Large Position A seat over challenger Howard Garrett, while incumbent Brandy Blanton retained her Adlerman At-Large Position B seat over challenger Michelle Sutton. Incumbent Pearl Bransford also retained her Alderman At-Large Position C seat over challenger Bhavania Muvvala.
Incumbent Ann Petersen ran unopposed and was re-elected to her Alderman At-Large Position D seat.

After a primary election in August, Knoxville voters went to the polls on Nov. 5 for a general election to elect a new mayor, among other positions.
Indya Kincannon will take over from outgoing Mayor Madeline Rogero, who is term-limited, after defeating challenger Eddie Mannis. A former school board chairwoman and city director under Rogero, Kincannon won 52.4% of the vote.
Newcomer Lynne Fugate also defeated fellow challenger Charles F. Lomax Jr. for the City Council At-Large Seat A ,presently held by George W. Wallace. Challenger Janet Testerman defeated fellow newcomer David Hayes for the City Council At-Large Seat B, presently held by Marshall Stair.
Amelia Parker defeated Amy Midis for the City Council At-Large Seat C, presently held by Vice Mayor Finbarr Saunders. Charles Thomas also defeated Charles Al-Bawi for the District 5 Council Seat, presently held by Mark Campen.

Voters in Milan went to the polls on Nov. 5 for a municipal election.
Incumbent Billy Warren “B.W.” Beasely defeated challenger and current alderwoman Tammy Floyd-Wade to retain his mayoral seat.
Incumbent Jack Cunningham ran unopposed and was elected to serve both as the city’s Ward 1 alderman and as Milan’s city court clerk, a position previously held by Patsy Bradley.
Incumbents Hal Holmes, Jeffrey P. Lifsey, and Richard Adkisson all ran unopposed and were re-elected to their Ward 2, Ward 3, and Ward 4 seats respectively.

A municipal election was held in Oneida on Nov. 2.
Incumbent Jack E. Lay won his seventh term as mayor of Oneida, defeating challenger Denny Smith who previously served as the city’s vice mayor in the 1980s. Lay is the longest-serving mayor in Oneida’s history having first been elected in 1995.
Incumbent aldermen Mark Byrd, Allison Mays, and Lori-Phillips-Jones were also re-elected to their seats while challenger Tobey Mays will join them as the board’s newest face. Incumbent Linda Lay and challenger Billy Hammock did not garner enough votes to be among the four candidates seated in the alderman race.

The city of Selmer held a municipal election on Nov. 12.
Incumbent John Smith ran unopposed and was re-elected to his seat as mayor.
Incumbents John Finlayson, Edward Smith, and Chris Tull ran for the three open aldermen positions and were all re-elected.