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Lamberth outlines plans for criminal justice reform, education

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House Majority Leader William Lamberth never considered running for public office until he was encouraged to do so by a friend. Now nearly a decade later, he serves an important leadership role in the State House.

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council connects cities, trees, and people


With spring right around the corner, the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) is eager to work with municipalities across the state on programs and initiatives that will enhance and benefit their communities.

Briggs brings military, medical experience to state, local committee


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Recently appointed as chairman of the Tennessee State and Local Government Committee, State Sen. Richard Briggs, R-Knoxville, is no stranger to finding solutions to challenges.

New Nashville museum celebrates African-American music


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The doors of Music City’s newest landmark, The National Museum of African American Music, are now officially open.

Located at Fifth Avenue and Broadway in downtown Nashville, the museum officially opened to the public on Jan. 30, 2021. The museum’s original opening was delayed from fall 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just part of a more than 20-year journey that moved the museum from concept to creation.

Chattanooga public fiber network generates $2.69B


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The city of Chattanooga’s public fiber optic network has generated $2.69 billion in community benefit during its first decade, according to a newly-released research project.

Chattanooga’s EPB, formerly known as the Chattanooga Electric Power Board, launched America’s first gig-speed community-wide network in 2010, establishing the nation’s most advanced smart grid power distribution system.

Knoxville reinvests in community affected by urban removal


The city of Knoxville is reckoning with past projects that negatively impacted the city’s African-American community and hoping to move forward with a new initiative that aims to right past wrongs.

In December 2020, the Knoxville City Council unanimously approved a measure brought forward by Vice Mayor Gwen McKenzie to invest $100 million in public and private funds over ten years in projects determined by a new African American Restoration Equity Task Force.

Mumpower touts fiscal conservatism, communication as key


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 Recently elected as Tennessee’s 35th Comptroller of the Treasury, Jason Mumpower fully embraces the mission of his office: to make government work better.

A native and lifelong resident of Bristol, Mumpower graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration from King College – now King University. In June 2013, he graduated from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.

Farragut signs, seals, delivers warm wishes for local health care heroes


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The town of Farragut is working with residents to show their support and appreciation for frontline medical workers through a letter-writing campaign.

The “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – We Care” campaign aims to show gratitude to employees of Farragut’s Turkey Creek Medical Center ranging from doctors and nurses to cleaning and support staff who have aided the community through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Monterey partners with TTU Center for Rural Innovation to promote area


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Monterey officials and citizens are collaborating with Tennessee Tech students on a new initiative to brand and market the town and its surrounding natural beauty.

Monterey Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said work on the project began not long after he took the position with the town in March 2020 as a way to capitalize on the town’s assets.

A 2021 Cybersecurity Checklist: How do you rate your city?

BY Joe Howland


You know cybersecurity is important. You hear about ransomware, viruses, and cyberattacks nearly every day. And you sense that your current cybersecurity defenses may not defend you in case the worst happens.

Yet, it can be so easy to put off improving cybersecurity. Why? Often, it’s difficult to know where you should begin.

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