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Erwin’s Doris Hensley named Mayor of the Year by Tennessee Municipal League

Erwin Mayor Doris Hensley was named the 2019 Mayor of the Year by the Tennessee Municipal League at their 80th Annual Conference in Memphis.
Each year since 1954, the Tennessee Municipal League has honored a city mayor that typifies the attributes of intelligence, effectiveness, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.
To honor her service to her community as a leader not afraid to take innovative approaches to better her community, TML is proud to announce Erwin Mayor Doris Hensley has been selected as the 2019 Mayor of the Year.

Jackson’s Johnny Dodd receives Bob Kirk Local Government Leadership Award

Longtime Jackson council member Johnny Dodd was awarded the second annual Bob Kirk Local Government Leadership Award by the Tennessee Municipal League at their 80th Annual Conference in Memphis.
The Bob Kirk Local Government Leadership Award is presented to the council member, alderman, or commissioner who is at least in their second term of service to their municipality and has shown themselves to be an outstanding public servant to both their municipality and their community.

Springfield’s Gina Holt honored with TCMA award

With a history almost as old as the state of Tennessee itself, the city of Springfield has long served as a commercial and cultural center for the surrounding agricultural community.
In a time when many rural communities are struggling, the city of Springfield continues to flourish. One of the city’s greatest assets is undoubtedly its city manager, Gina Holt, who has served Springfield for nearly 30 years.

Collierville’s Alfred Lewis wins TCAPWA Murphy Snoderly Award

The Tennessee Chapter American Public Works Association awarded one of Collierville’s public works employees with the 2019 Murphy Snoderly Award.
Alfred Lewis, a longtime sanitation worker with the Collierville Public Services Department, accepted the award at the 80th Annual Conference of the Tennessee Municipal League held at the Memphis Convention Center.
The award was presented by Collierville Public Works Operations Manager John Fox, who lauded Lewis for his more than 20 years of dedicated service to the community.

Goodlettsville receives TCMA Award for Excellence in Municipal Government

Over the course of the past year, the city of Goodlettsville has worked tirelessly to improve customer service delivery, save cost to taxpayers, and create a more efficient approach to government that enhances city services and the roles of city employees.
The Tennessee City Management Association (TCMA) is recognizing the city of Goodlettsville with its 2019 Award for Municipal Excellence. Officials from the city of Goodlettsville were presented the award at the 80th Annual Conference of the Tennessee Municipal League held at the Memphis Convention Center.

Municipal Bond Fund reaches $4.65 Billion

The Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund (TMBF) reached a pair of milestones recently.

Since inception, TMBF has loaned more than $4.65 billion and has now closed more than 1,495 loans. 

“These milestones show TMBF’s ongoing commitment to providing your community with the loans you need at the lowest cost so that you can create opportunities for your communities to grow,” said Charles G. “Bones” Seivers, president and CEO of the Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund.

Data analysis brings new approaches to emergency management, planning

TML Communications Specialist

A new project conducted by Metro Nashville and Vanderbilt University is using technology to improve emergency response, giving the city insight into the best places to put fire department personnel and even where to locate new fire stations to best serve the community.

Ban on handheld phones while driving to take effect

A new law banning Tennessee drivers from handheld cell phone use goes into effect on July 1.

Drivers caught holding a phone can face up to a $50 fine for a mere violation with a fine of $100 if the violation contributes to an accident and up to $200 if it happens in a construction or school zone.

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