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Amid legal wrangling, scooter shares are coming to cities big and small

TML Communications Specialist

Zipping and zooming across cities throughout the country, electric scooters have become the latest craze in the emerging sharing economy – though this innovative business model is stirring up about as much controversy as it is profit.

Lawsuits over public safety issues, the definition of a motorized vehicle, and company operations have ensued almost immediately after the scooter-sharing system was rolled out in some cities.

Avery Johnson sees Cleveland through changes big and small

By Linda Bryant

Most communities have at least one resident who can speak about bygone days as well as current times with so much knowledge and authority that almost everyone responds with deep respect and admiration.

THRIVE Regional Partnerships optimizes community development opportunities, inspires growth from within, enhances regional connectivity in Southeast TN area

BY Honna Rogers
MTAS Management Consultant

Recently the Tennessee southeast region has seen tremendous growth in population and industry. It was during this time that THRIVE 2055 was born in an effort to grow in a smart way.

From 2012 to 2015, community volunteers created a 40-year regional plan for 16 counties in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. I served on the coordinating committee, which was the governing body made up of 30 community, business, and nonprofit leaders.

Municipal officials must learn new rules of social media interaction

TML Communications Specialist

With its use becoming ubiquitous, more and more municipalities and municipal officials are using social media to reach out to citizens, announce upcoming events and meeting, assist in criminal investigations, alert users to emergency situations, and even livestream council meetings.

However, the benefits of social media also come with a cost with many government entities and officials finding themselves in trouble for their use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Why is IT security so important for municipal governments

By Sandy Reeser
VC3 Chief Executive Officer

Be it at the federal, state or local level, all governments are in possession of valuable data. Their data assets range from citizen data such as social security and credit card numbers, to confidential or classified information. Due to the type of data collected, it’s not surprising that governments are often the target of cyberattacks.

Henderson’s small town status doesn’t mean Mayor Bobby King doesn’t dream big

By Linda Bryant

Economic development is a front-burner concern for virtually all towns and cities in Tennessee, but when a municipality is small it’s often much harder to attract new companies and retain existing businesses.

Thanks in large part to the leadership of Mayor Bobby King, Henderson, a town of about 6,500 in West Tennessee, is finding ways to shine as an economic generator and small town with a high quality of life.

Public / private partnership unites to provide funding for critical infrastructure improvements for Bonnaroo

BY Dr. Bridget Jones
Project Consultant
jones-bridget consulting group

Since 2002, Manchester and Coffee County have been the home of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, a four-day event held on more than 700 acres of farmland featuring a diverse array of music styles and international performers.

Water planning essential to Tennessee’s sustainability and economic future

TML Communications Specialist

Throughout the summer, state officials have been crisscrossing Tennessee to discuss both the current condition of the state’s water supply as well as future plans for water conservation and preservation.

TN H20 is a project bringing together stakeholders from all levels of government as well as industry, academia, environmental advocacy groups, and public utilities to develop a statewide plan for future water availability in Tennessee.

Current status of Wayfair court case in Tennessee

In light of the June ruling by U.S. Supreme Court in South Dakota v. Wayfair, many are asking if Tennessee is any closer to requiring remote sellers to collect sales and use tax.

South Dakota v. Wayfair Eliminates Physical Presence Rule
On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. and overturned the physical presence rule that previously applied under Quill Corp. v. North Dakota.

New Portland transportation service provides rides for aging population

TML Communications Specialist

As populations across the state of Tennessee age, the city of Portland is joining the growing number of communities offering alternative transportation services for elderly residents.
Portland Adult Transportation (PAT) is a new service being offered by Portland CARES and has been funded through a $50,000 grant the city of Portland received from The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability to provide transportation services for seniors.

Weighing the costs: Making smart choices with business incentives

TML Communications Specialist

While incentives have become a major piece of the puzzle of economic development, sometimes incentive packages can do more harm than good when it comes to bringing business to the community.

Municipalities across Tennessee are looking for better ways to balance the pluses and pitfalls of tax incentives by making sure they get the biggest bang for their buck out of programs like tax-increment financing (TIFs) and payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT).

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