Is Your City Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

Is Your City Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

A Special Offer from VC3 - TML's Preferred Technology Partner

As you've read in the news, municipal governments and their facilities are being targeted more frequently by hackers looking for ransom, causing large cities and smaller towns alike to spend unplanned money on data recovery, technology upgrades, cybersecurity insurance, and even paying the ransom when other options run out.  

With the most recent outbreak of Malware and certainly more to come in the future, you’re probably asking yourself:

  • Are my systems adequately protected in a manner that will reduce the likelihood of my city becoming the next statistic?
  • If my systems are compromised, encrypted or hacked, do I have the right measures in place to adequately assess the scope of damage and to respond to the incident?
  • Will I lose data or have to pay a ransom if one of my users clicks on the wrong link on the web?

You’re not alone.  Many organizations are asking themselves these very same questions. 

TML wants all Tennessee cities to be prepared for the risks of a cyber attack. 

In partnership with VC3, TML has negotiated a special offer to provide you with answers to these difficult questions: VC3 will perform a Security Readiness Analysis at a special rate of $1,495.

Because there are so many organizations wanting to know where they stand on the security detection, prevention and response spectrum, VC3 has designed a security readiness analysis.  This analysis will look at your current systems and tools and will provide you with an understanding of how likely you are to avoid a security incident, how readily you can recover from a security incident, and what steps you can take to strengthen your security profile.


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What happened when Del Rio, Texas was knocked offline by hackers?  Watch below.


Goals of a Security Analysis
  1. Examine the key areas of the city's environment with a focus on preventing or minimizing the negative impact to the city should a security breach or ransomware event occur. 
  2. Leverage VC3’s CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as well as their engineering resources to perform a review of your environment and provide the city with a Gap Analysis report showing areas where the city is at risk or areas where additional security components can be deployed to lower the city's risk.
What's Covered?

Automated Patch Management
Web Filtering/Malware Filtering
Email Encryption
Firewall Review
Network Review (VLANs, DMZ, …)
Wireless Access
Backup Review
System Logging and Retentions
Mobile Device Management
Multi-Factor Authentication
Computer Use Policies
Incident Response Plan
Public IP Address Scan
Organizational Dark Web Scan
Cyber Security Insurance Review

Final Report
  1. Executive Summary of Findings
  2. Overview of high risk areas and actions that can be taken to remediate those gaps.
  3. Gap analysis between current environment and industry standards.
  4. Prioritization of actions that should be taken to mitigate high risk areas.