COVID-19 Resources

 Gov Lee's Administration -- Live Stream Governor Lee's Briefings Here -- Unified Command COVID-19 Dashboard

Gov Lee's Coronavirus Resource Page

Gov Lee's Executive Orders

Executive Order 63 - State of Emergency Remains Through October; Some Restrictions Amended, Mask Authority Continues

Executive Order 61 - Extends authority for remote notarization and witnessing of documents

Executive Order 60 - Extends authority to conduct remote meetings

Executive Order 59 - Extends regulatory flexibility necessary to combat COVID, and local authority on facial coverings

Executive Order 55 - Allows Contact Sports, Extends Local Authority for Masks Requirements (7/31/2020)

Executive Order 51 - Extends provisions of EO16, previously extended by EO34, to allow public meetings by electronic means to continue through August 29 (6/29/20)

Executive Order 38 - Allows groups of up to 50 people to participate in social & recreational activities while encouraging strong social distancing (5/22/20)

Executive Order 36 - Extends the state of emergency declaration from May 18, 2020 to June 30, 2020 (5/12/2020)

Executive Order 35 - Amends executive order 30 (5/7/2020)

Executive Order 34 - Extends provisions of EO16 to allow public meetings by electronic means to continue through June 30, 2020 (5/6/20)

Executive Order 33 - Allows the re-opening of close contact services (5/5/2020)

Executive Order 32 - Allows National Guard to assist TDOC while testing state's prison population, addresses price gouging & allows remote shareholder meetings  (5/1/2020)

Executive Order 31 - Extends the prohibition of non-emergency dental services to Wednesday, May 6, (4/29/2020)

Executive Order 30 - Guidance for returning to work, churches, funerals, weddings, continued closures, local orders, and more (4/28/20) 

Executive Order No, 29 - Amends Executive Order No. 17 to reopen dining restaurants (4/24/2020)

Executive Order 27 - Extends Orders No. 17, 21, 22, and 23 (4/13/2020) 

Executive Order 25 - Extends postponement of elective medical and dental prosedures until Aprril 30, 2020 (4/9/2020)

Executive Order 23 --  MUST Stay At Home unless carrying out essential activities (4/2/2020) 

Executive Order 22 -- Urges residents statewide to stay Safer At Home (3/30/20)

Executive Order 21 -- Orders non-essential businesses to close statewide (3/30/20)

Executive Order 20 -- Loosens restrictions for retired medical professionals, temporarily suspends continuing education requirements (3/36.20)

Executive Order 18 -- Prohibiting Elective Surgeries and Requesting Donation of Medical Supplies to TEMA from Non-Hospital Healthcare Providers (3/24/20)

Gov Lee Establishes COVID-19 Unified Command (3/24/20)

Executive Order 17 -- Mandating Alternative Business Models for Restaurants and Gyms, Lifts Alcohol Regulations (3/22/20)

Executive Order 16  -- Comptroller Guidance on Executive Order 16 -- Open Meetings, Open Records, Emergency Policies (3/20/20)

Executive Order 14 -- Emergency Declaration (3/12/20)

Tennessee Pledge Guidance Documents

Updated: Close Contact Businesses (6/4/20)

Updated: Gyms and Exercise Facilities (6/4/20)

Updated: Attractions, Large Venues, and Community Events (6/4/20)

Updated: Small Group, Non-Contact Recreation (6/4/20)

Noncontact Sports (5/28/20)

Summer Camps (5/28/20)

Higher Education (5/28/20)

Swimming Pools (5/27/20)

Restaurants (Updated) (5/20/20)

Retail (Updated) (5/20/20)

Lodging & Accomodations (5/6/20)

Office Buildings (5/6/20)

Manufacturing Industry (5/6/20)

Construction Worksites (5/6/20)

Guidance for Places of Worship (5/1/20)

Business Tool Kit (4/30/20)

Tennessee Pledge Reopening Tennessee Responsibly (4/24/2020)

TML COVID 19 Survey Reports

Survey 5 - Collected April 22 (4/27/20)

Survey 4 - Collected April 22 (4/27/20)

Survey 3 - Collected April 8 (4/15/2020)

Survey 2 - Collected April 1 (4/6/2020)

Survey 1 - Collected March 26 (4/6/2020)

Heatlh Officials Contacts

TN Dept of Health 

Medical Directors

Regional Directors

Public Safety

Gov Lee's Letter Regarding Law Enforcement of Executive Order No. 17 & No. 21 (4/2/2020)

CDC Guidance for Law Enforfcement -- COVID-19 Roll Call Virtual Academy Training (Free)

CDC Guidance for Emergency Medical Services

EPA Approved Solutions for Cleaning Vehicles of First Responders

Limited Waiver of HIPAA Sanctions and Penalties During Nationwide Public Health Emergency


TAUD: Suspension of Utility Service Termination for Non-Payment (4/13/2020)

CDC Municipal Water/Wastewater Guidance

Federal COVID 19 Resource Pages

Federal Guidelines for COVID Response. Preparedness, and Mitigation (4/10/2020)

U.S. Census Bureau Operational Adjustments Due to COVID -19  (4/13/2020) Response Rate Tracker -- View The Response Rate In Your Community

GASB postpones effective dates (4/6/2020)

FEMA Bulletins 

CDC Guidelines for Domestic Travel 

U.S. State Department Advisory for International Travel

FEMA Reimbursement For Qualified Emergency Measures -- FEMA Region IV Office (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN) -- FEMA Assistance Simplifie

 Municipal Specific Guidance on COVID-19 From TML Partners: 

Public Entity Partners


National League of CIties 

Federal Information from Congress and NLC

White House 3-phase plan for opening America 4/16/2020

CARES Act Airport Grants for Tennessee (4/15/2020)

U.S. Treasury Portal: CARES Act (4/13/2020)

White House Guidelines for America - 30 Days to Slow the Spread (4/1/2020)

Sen Lamar Alexander Covid 19 Resource Page (3/31/2020)

Sen, Marsha Blackburn Covid 19 Resource Page (3/31/2020)

Other Important Federal Legislative Action:

TML Letter to TN Congressional delegation is support of funding in next COVID 19 relief package (7.2.2020)

TML Letter to TN Congressional delegation in support of direct funding in next COVID 19 relief package (5/13/2020)

TML Letter to TN Congressional delegation in support of interim Emergency COVID 19 package  4/20/2020)

NLC, NACO, USCM Joint Statement urging Congress to provide direct funding to local governments (4/19/2020)

NLC, NACO, USCM joint  Letter  urging Pres, Trump to support $250 billion in COVID-19 relief to municipalities with < 500K populations (4/17/2020)

NLC, NACO, USCM joint  Letter  urging Congress to support $250 billion in COVID-19 relief to municipalities with < 500K populations (4/17/2020)

TML Alert to membership to contact TN House delgeation to support and co-sponsor $250 billion in COVID-19 relief to municipalities with < 500K populations

TML Letter to TN Congressional delegation in support of $250 billion in COVID-19 relief to municipalities with populations less than 500,000 4/14/2020)

NLC Take Action: Coronavirus Community Relief Act 4/13/2020)

Summary Third COVID-19 Response Package  (3/28/20)

TML Letter to Tennessee Senators Regarding COVID-19 Amended Package

TML Letter to Tennessee Senators Regarding Emergency Stimulus Package for COVID-19

NLC request to Senate on 3rd COVID-19 Supplemental Appropriations Bill

NLC correspondence seeking clarification of distribution of CARES Act (4/1/2020) 



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