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Marketplace Showroom Information

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The Marketplace Showroom is an online guide of municipal products and services that will serve as a one-stop tool for municipal leaders across the state of Tennessee. Through TML s website, members access a multi-functional listing of companies.

As a participant in the Marketplace Showroom you’ll have the benefit of presenting your company’s information in vibrant, full-color, one-page, multi-media presentation. Plus, the Marketplace Showroom is targeted exclusively to the city decisionmakers so that information about your products or services is delivered directly to their desk.

With the purchase of a Marketplace Showroom listing you can choose from:

  • Basic Listing that includes company information, logo and product description listed both categorically and alphabetically;
  • Enhanced Listing that features a display ad, digital photograph with copy, or link to a video clip; or
  • Premium Option allows you the choice of two of the following – a display ad, digital photograph with copy, or link to a video clip.

Submissions: Debbie Kluth

TML Marketplace Showroom Technical Specifications

The options of the TML Marketplace Showroom offer a more dynamic platform to present your product, target your audience, and increase your web traffic. With new features like embedded company videos and full color product placements, your high tech ad will help you stand out from the pack and capture the attention of prospective customers.

These new features come with some minimum standards which will help us create a professional and a cost effective product for marketing your company.

Logos: The space designated for logos has a maximum resolution of 600 pixels squared. Submitted logos which are smaller or larger than 600 pixels squared will be resized, potentially resulting in some lost quality for smaller images which must be stretched to fit. Images should be in JPEG format (.jpg).

Images: Submitted images for product placement and otherwise have a maximum resolution of 2400x1200px. All images should be submitted at their highest quality and size to allow for us to resize images if necessary. Images should be in JPEG format (.jpg).

Videos: TML will currently NOT host any videos. All videos must be hosted in the public domain and accessible by URL web address. TML will create a screen capture (image) of your video, or one can be provided by your company following the guidelines for images, and link this image to reach your publicly accessible video. A submitted video must be hosted on your own website, or any of the popular video sharing networks available today: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and others. The URL linking to the desired video must be provided to TML.